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watercolor artwork
some watercolors are sitting on a table
Kristin Van Leuven | Watercolor artist and instructor | Have you used salt with watercolor? It creates the BEST textures that can be used to create awesome effects, like this fluffy white… | Instagram
an image of some flowers painted on paper
Seema | Wishing you all a very happy new year🌸 Art supplies @kingartcompany #reels #reelsinstagram #reelsvideo #reel #watercolortutorial… | Instagram
a hand holding up a card with watercolor paint on it and trees in the background
Amber | Watercolor on Instagram: "2 of 8 mini 5 minute and under landscapes! 🥰🥰 I was thinking I might make a list of color combinations and create them based on that! Or just decide as I’m going. 😃 Do you plan your colors before or choose them as you go? Save and share this post if you think you’ll give this though process a try. 🥰 Paper 📄: @zenartsupplies Brush 🖋: @princetonbrush (1/4 flat) @silverbrushltd (liner size 1) @polina.bright (size 1) Paint 🎨: @roman_szmal_art @winsorandnewton