Suklaakosmos -Chokladblomma (chokladskära)

Chocolate Cosmos - Cosmos atrosanguineus Also commonly known as Cosmos choca mocha, Cosmos atrosanguineus (Asterales - Asteraceae) is a rare, perennial, and aromatic species, native to Mexico (now.


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Cosmos atrosanguineus -Chocolate cosmos -Suklaakosmos-Chokladskära.

Chokladblomma or chocolate cosmos. Apparently they actually smell like chocolate. I'll be trying my green thumb on these!


Julias Vita Drömmar: A K L E J A My tiny daisies are just peeking up from the soil.

Chocolate scented Cosmo flower

this is the cosmos atrosanguineus also known as the chocolate cosmos Okay but the thing is this flower SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE.