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Watch here, how easy and obviously entertaining Muuvit is for children, teachers and partners.
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This is an exercise tip for the start of the school day from "Muuvit Finland" and Finnish Schools on the Move. "Helicopter".

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This is an example from "Muuvit Finland" for mathematics lessons. Pupils should knee down by numbers that can be divided by 2. Let´s Muuvit!

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Here you have several easy examples to stop sitting, shown by a school class from the "Finnish Muuvit".

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This is an example of the "Finnish Muuvit" for the maths lessons. It is easy to stop sitting!

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Another easy example to stop sitting in the maths class from the "Finnish Muuvit". This time the teacher uses cubes to make kids count and jump!

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Example of use in an elementary school in Munich, Germany

This is an example of "Muuvit Poland" and shows how education, libraries and sport can be combined. With Muuvit, classes earn kilometers for a virtual journey around the world...In the library they seek information and contents about their Muuvit-journey.

Muuvit encourages children to be physically more active whilst taking them on a virtual adventure around the world with educational contents and interaction. This free interactive education tool can be applied for different subjects, such as arithmetic, environment, geographic, etc. It makes learning more flexible, creative and fun. Muuvit is appropriate for classes from 1 to 6 and all types of schools. It is currently available in eight languages.

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