Herfell cabin by Reiulf Ramstad Architects. Contemporary Norwegian Architecture - Landscape and Intervention exhibition at RIBA @ Dailytonic

Villa Overby by John Robert Nilsson

Villa Överby by John Robert Nilsson

Modern Lake House by John Robert Nilsson “Overby House sits high on a Varmdo island cliffside overlooking the Baltic Sea. Designed as a summer getaway by John Robert Nilsson, the modern holiday house.

Residencia Trattner Scharfetter / LP Architektur

Galería de Residencia Trattner Scharfetter / LP Architektur - 3

Image 3 of 20 from gallery of Trattner Scharfetter Residence / LP Architektur. Photograph by wortmeyer photography

Barn houses  Photo by Christoffer Rudquist

For a bit of elevation in the overwhelmingly horizontal compound, step onto the deck of the Stealth Barn. A strip of mowed grass delineates a path between the two structures; otherwise the grasses grow wild. Photo by Christoffer Rudquist.

Rio Bonito House / Carla Juaçaba

Gallery of Rio Bonito House / Carla Juaçaba - 2

Ochre Barn by Carl Turner Architects | Norfolk, England.

Ochre Barn by Carl Turner Architects

A picnic table in a matching hue to the Stealth Barn rests between the two structures. Photo by Christoffer Rudquist.

Four-cornered Villa / Avanto Architects/ Virrat, Finland

Four-cornered Villa / Avanto Architects

The site of this ‘Four Cornered Villa’ by Avanto Architects Ltd is situated on a horseshoe-shaped island and faces north and east. The cross-like shape of this simple villa reaches towards four very different views, the space is open and


marison cortaillod by frundgallina and milo keller photography / thisispaper magazine.

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