Swing senior picture ideas for girls. Senior picture ideas for girls on swings.

Lupins grow wild everywhere in Finland.

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Using one flower en masse can have a dramatic effect in any garden - And similarly-hued snapdragons take center stage, here. What lovely, lovely, snapdragons! - Or are they lupines?

Finnish summer at its best

Suomen kesää parhaimmillaan – Finnish summer at its best!

Midsummer, when sun never sets in most of Finland

midsommar plus 6 grader


Read More About Finland. Always wanted to visit my friend Harri, maybe Helsinki?

mansikat Finland

Mansikat - Finnish strawberries are the sweetest in the world.

Buttercups in Sweden

red cottage and summer, a very finnish and swedish (and also an ideal many of us have) form of enjoying the summer vacation. And yes, also a dream of mine, especially a red cottage, not any other colour :-)

Kainuu is Finland's most organic region :)

Kainuu is Finland's most organic region. Kainuu is known in the ancient Norse sagas as Kvenland.