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Double Shipwreck-Stranded Deep[#3]

Double Shipwreck-Stranded Deep[#3]

Is the Chevrolet Z/28 the most track worthy camaro to date? We have our reasons! See them here: #spon #americanmuscle

Chevrolet has tested the Camaro on the nation's most challenging tracks, and in the process, engineers noticed a wheel slip issue. Using a technique called media blasting, Chevrolet has since fixed the Camaro wheel slip.

Willy The Whale+Shark Attack!!-Stranded Deep[#2]

Willy The Whale+Shark Attack!

2015 Chevy Camaro VS 2015 Ford Mustang VS 2015 Dodge Challenger | Lucky Auto Body in Beaverton, OR is an auto body repair shop committed to providing customers with the level of servic & quality of repair they expect & deserve! Call (503) 646-9016 or visit for more info!

Ford have recently unveiled its sixth-generation 2015 Mustang. Ford says it has also created a car that can bridge the gap between what the Mustang has always been -- an American icon with a muscle car.

BARNACLE...suction cups can hold any smartphone to any smooth surface, including car windows.

I wonder if this works on the Samsung Galacy S II. love the idea! Barnacle by ilovehandles: Nifty little suction cup to stand your iPhone on your desk or to mount on your windshield or other slick surface. Available in a variety of colors.