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Shiva, Thom Tenery on ArtStation at

Concept Art by Thom Tenery. “ Thom Tenery is a concept artist and illustrator from Los Angeles, California currently working in the entertainment industry. Thom attended the University of Texas at.


architectural sketch {don't know why medieval architecture appeals to me, but it does} "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning" Concept Art

zaun-bountymarkets.jpg (1920×1057)

Boundary Markets thrive where Gewic and its Slums meet. The inhabitants of the Gewic Slums running a highly lucrative black market, that mostly sells back all the things that were thrown down there to begin with.

Zindelo’s Incognium Runeterra

Joon Ahn is a concept artist and illustrator working in the video game industry. Joon is currently a Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games.