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the real picture of me wearing the stuff the boys in my class say it's funny
"in the past women didnt wear shirts" "wish time travel existed" huh? 😊
a purple tube with googly eyes and the words when you catch someone staring but they don't look away
that one kid
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two people laying on a bed with the words in iceland, books are exchangeable on christmas eve then the tradition is to spend the rest of
Christmas Eve in Iceland
Enemies to lovers.
a woman laying on top of a bed with her arm around the back of her head
the 2020 effect is real
a woman sitting in front of a laptop with the caption when im on my 5th hu
a girl with her hair in the middle of her face and text that reads, when your
an image of a woman doing different things in her life and how to use it
6 funny, painfully honest comics about periods that tell it like it is.
an animated scene with two women talking to each other and the caption says, you're okay i like that in a man
Funny Pic Dump (7.24.13)
a woman sitting on top of a bed with the caption'me in the middle of the night looking for my water i left by my bed
StrayKids memes