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the words i love jesus are in front of a blurry image of a man's face
love him very, very much <3
mine !! give credit !! #catholic #whisper #whispers #jesus #jesuschrist #God #god
a basketball card with a drawing of a man holding a basketball in his hand and the text, but to serve mathew 20?
"Ball is Life" Poster for Sale by artofcodykuehl
three people sitting on the ground with their hands in their pockets and one person writing
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a young boy holding a sign that says i am not as shameed to say i am nothing without you jesus christ
a drawing of some people on the ground with one person kneeling down in front of them
Under god protection n guidance❤🍁
a man sitting on top of a couch next to a painting of jesus with the caption, me talking to the realest person i know
an old woman getting her hair brushed by a man in a bathtub with the caption, it's never too late
#christian #Christinaity Salvador, Christian Faith
#christian #Christinaity
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a light with jesus is alive, catch the vision t - shirt on