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the mountain reflected in lake o'harar is surrounded by pine trees and snow
Cathedral Mountain Reflected in Lake O'Hara
Cathedral Mountain Reflected in Lake O'Hara, Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada; photo by Lee Rentz
the sun is setting over a field of sunflowers
lavender and myrrh
lavender and myrrh
wildflowers blooming on the side of a mountain slope
My dreams
"Roses in water wise men see later on we'll follow love roses in wine i can see strange ways to walk with me on endless wave strange." -Sunny Day Real Estate
a field full of wildflowers and other flowers
Table Mountain wildflowers near Oroville in northern California
wildflower meadow
purple pansies in a bird's nest with moss and twigs on an old chair
Raindrops and Roses
Raindrops and Roses — elhamzh: everything-that-sweetheart
wildflowers and other flowers in front of a snow - capped mountain
I love the photos of the wild flowers with snow capped mountains standing proudly in the background. These kinds of photos, I think, epitomize America, in a way.
yellow flowers growing out of the ground next to an old barrel and water tank in the background
a bunch of flowers that are in the grass with some words above them on it
an arch covered in white flowers next to a stone wall
Regional Gardens Submitted by Our Readers - Garden Design
I love this Sweet Autumn Clematis that blooms in the late summer in our garden, also such a good, sweet smell late in the afternoon!!
a wooden fence with white flowers growing on it
Sweet Autumn Clematis | Basil Becky
Sweet Autumn Clematis | Basil Becky
purple flowers growing on the side of a brick wall
5 Easy Effortless Vines - Sand and Sisal
clematis | Another favorite vine that you will often find climbing arbors and mailbox posts is Clematis. Clematis varieties can bloom either in the fall or spring and evergreen varieties are also available. They produce a flush of flowers anywhere from 4 to 6 inches in diameter and come in a huge range of color choices. These are easily grown in zones 3-9.