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Thyroid disease is rampant these days and since the thyroid is affects and is affected by many things, including the food you eat and your adrenal glands, it’s important to get informed about this important gland as much as possible. I’ve struggled with... #gluten #glutenfree #thryoid

Do you or someone you love have thyroid disease? Thyroid Disease is Epidemic. Many doctors rely on the TSH Thyroid Test to figure out if their patients are sick or not. But they might be totally wrong. Here& what you need to know about thyroid tests

Nearly 300 spectacular photographs of Londons lost buildings from the London Metropolitan Archive in Panoramic format. Tudor, Georgian and Victorian buidings, s

vintage everyday: Unseen Vintage Photographs of a Lost London, ca. and Witt, Stationers and Bookbinders, Booksellers and Tobacconists, ca.