Winter friends •

Adorable Animals in Winter Wonderland - horse and cat interspecies friendship (hva)

How bout these two characters??Country

Horseback riding ~ beautiful Calico kitty says "My horse butt, not yours.

Looooooooove. This was ME as a little girl, riding out into the fields with the horses and farmhands every day. My dad was the boss, so they had to put up with me.

Little girl bareback on great big horse! Brave little girl and gentle giant.


I Capture My Son’s Happy Childhood Moments With His Best Friends

Little Britches and the Horse...

That's my future kid right there! A country boy will survive. Pick those hooves clean.

The race is on.

Our horses and dogs grow up together. Our Saint Bernard and Collie loved going up the ridge with my husband and one of the horses. Phewwwwwwwww husband and dogs camped on porch that night.