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a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances
Inspiration Gallery - Condari Qasair Rangehoods
+ aamupalakaappi, oven saranointi mutta kaappi saisi olla ylhäällä ns yläkaappien tilalla ja alas laatikot
a window seat in the corner of a kitchen with pink curtains and potted plants
Miljöbilder pärspontpanel Platsbyggda lantkök
Miljöbilder - Rönnerholms Inredning | Platsbyggda kökRönnerholms Inredning | Platsbyggda kök
an unfinished room with wooden floors and purple walls
Resan till ett lantligt vitt kök - Hemma hos Jessiika
hörnskafferi,platsbyggt skafferi,gå-in-skafferi
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used by someone in their home or business
New England husbygge - Hemma hos cafyr
a white kitchen with wooden counter tops and cabinets in the corner, next to a book shelf filled with books
Livet på Sofieberg
Corner pantry in White, scandinavian kitchen. I love the narrow shelves for books to the right!
an open pantry door in a kitchen next to a sink
Vad är egentligen ett lantligt kök?
Gillar skafferiet och diskbänken i rostfritt stål!
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Övriga modeller - Rönnerholms
Utan panelfront - Rönnerholms Inredning | Platsbyggda kök
a white refrigerator freezer sitting inside of a kitchen
Gammeldags hörnskafferi i pärlspont
Mitt lilla sommartorp: Gammeldags hörnskafferi i pärlspont
a kitchen with an island and stools in it
NameBright - Domain Expired
an open closet in the middle of a room with a sink and countertop area
Corner storage, and rounding
a room that is being remodeled with some paint on the walls and cabinets in it
10 Brilliant & Easy Kitchen Accessory Projects 2 - Diy & Home | Creative Projects For Your Home
The Thrifty Blogger tells us how to paint kitchen cabinets like a pro. EXCELLENT step-by-step instructions.
an open kitchen and dining room area with bar stools in front of the island
What to Know Before You Tear Down That Wall
What to Know Before You Tear Down That Wall New project for a new year: Opening up a room? Learn who to hire, what it’ll cost and how lo...
a kitchen with wooden cabinets and shelves filled with food
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look at all this storage!
two pictures of refrigerators and cabinets in a kitchen with wood flooring, one has an open door to the other side
For anybody planning a kitchen re-do, I saw this awesome cabinets idea of the pantry and fridge all next to each other.
love the storage!