Nanna Vaulakorpi

Nanna Vaulakorpi

Nanna Vaulakorpi
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DIY floral stems - spray paint real branches and attach flowers from other fake plants

Create faux floral stems that look real using hot glue, branches, and fake flowers. Great for holiday decorating too!

Breadseed Poppy

Selected pages from the book Foraging and Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook by Dina Falconi and Illustrated by Wendy Hollender. These Plant Identification Pages are useful when identifying Wild Edible Plants in the field.

I made this lovely dessert last year for my boyfriend and he loved it so much. So i decided to share it with you, so you lovely people could surprise your beloved one and enjoy this beautiful holiday.

These delicious pretzel bites are surrounded in a bed of chocolate and topped with a cute little heart, making them great edible Valentine’s for kids and adults. One recipe makes 48 squares, so this is a great treat if you need to make a lot of goodies fo