Incarti Di Arance

a round sticker with the name and image of a man holding a fire extinguisher
Salvi Luigi
the logo for an italian basketball team
an old logo with the words tom and barbara paleno prima prima written on it
the logo for hot chocolate brand, l'baurato balzero on a white background
a bottle cap with the words tots drawn on it in red and green ink
an image of the sun land stamp on a piece of paper that says importe ditalie
the back side of a paper with an image of a planet on it
an emblem on the side of a piece of paper that reads, importe d'italiae
the logo for paterno is shown in red and blue on a white background
Europa. Michele Spina. Catania
an image of a drawing on the side of a wall
La Fortuna. Sicilia
an image of the cover of a book called prima, with roosters on it
Nunzio Tomasello. Casteldarcia
an image of a woman with stars in the background and text on it that says,
The Favourite
Clown. Messina
Clown. Messina
the logo for some kind of food and beverage company that is located in san francisco, california
Friedo G. Muller