Independence Day Treats

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a cake made to look like an eagle sitting on top of a plate with crackers
Patriotic Bald Eagle Cheeseball. My own creation. Use your favorite cheeseball recipe, mold into Bald Eagle shape, bottom of eagle covered with pecan halves, head covered with mozzarella cheese to look like feathers. I made the beak from a yellow bell pepper and the eyes with jalopena peppers but olives would do as well! Happy Independence Day!
USA Fourth of July Charcuterie Letters
Follow for more: Instagram @ThePedalingPA FOURTH OF JULY CHARCUTERIE LETTERS • ❤️🤍💙 I have been wanting to try classic letters for awhile now and this was the PERFECT opportunity. These are so easy and such a cute presentation! Instructions: • 1. Grab these paper maché letters from Hobby Lobby, use a razor to cut off the top layer leaving you with an open block. • 2. Trace the letter over parchment paper and then cut out your tracing and place inside the block to line your letters. Now you’re ready to fill! • 3. First, place your larger items such as spreads and salami roses. Space these out throughout the block letters, focusing on each end and the middle. • 4. Next, place your larger fruits and snacks. • 5. Use smaller snacks to fill in the space in between: nuts, grapes,