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a black and white cross stitched pattern with green squares in the middle, which has an image of a soccer ball on it
Alpha pattern #60616
an orange and white cross stitch chart with numbers on it, including the number of squares
Ruskametsät Nalle Taika. Väri on aika syksyinen ja sai kaveriksi valkoisen.
the cross stitch christmas tree pattern is shown in green and white, with three smaller trees on
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
two white knitted mittens with bears on them
28 November 2013 - Неправильный глагол
a pair of black and white knitted mitts sitting on top of a table
Unikko-kuosi neuleessa
a cross stitch pattern in grey and red
Tricksy Knitter chartmaker
a cross stitch pattern in green and white
Four Free Christmas Themed Fair Isle Charts
the legs and feet of a person wearing socks with knits on them, sitting on a red surface
Vielä viimevuotisia...
two red flowers on a white background cross stitched together in squares, each with an individual's own image
Unikko kuvio neulontakaavio
Would You like To Sew Invisible Seams Like This?