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a magazine cover with green leaves on it
Posters 2017-∞
the brochure is designed to look like it has flowers on it
Posterino | искусство плаката
Posterino | искусство плаката, [Apr 18, 2022 at 11:09 AM] Clare Byrne
an open book with pictures of cakes and fruit on it
Cake Zine
an open book with black and white images on it's pages that read, traditional dom
i love this. i also love bruce springsteen. don't hate. (via http://www.somuchtotellyou.co.nz/2010/06/boss.html)
an event poster with different colors and font on it, including the words hide night club
Lars Högström — The Design Kids
an open book with pictures and text on the pages, including two images of people standing in
Emergence Magazine Print Vol. 1 – 2019
a poster with some type of art on it's back side and words in the middle
an image of a person holding a pink and yellow kite
several posters with different colors and designs on them, all in various shapes and sizes
an image of some type of artwork
an open book with pictures and fruit on the cover, in which there are images of food
Chloe Scheffe
an open magazine with pictures of food and condiments on the pages, including meat
an airplane is flying in the sky over water
Hottest news from the day I was born
Hottest news from the day I was born on Behance
four different colored posters on a white surface
two pieces of paper with chinese writing on them, one is yellow and the other is white
an open book with images and text on the front cover is shown in black and white
zine, ethereal statement of memories - 2021
an open book with pictures on it sitting on top of a cement slab in front of a concrete wall
an open book with yellow and blue images
YMO ツアーパンフレット デザイン=羽良多平吉
two coupons for an apple product are shown in black and white, with the words collage on them
@graphic.index · Instagram 照片和视频
an advertisement for a chinese laundry service with red writing on the front and back wall
the back and front pages of an art book
Joe Gilmore
Skaer / Sutcliffe / Cantor — Qubik
a wall covered in lots of different types of drawings and pictures on it's side
an open children's book with pictures on the cover and in it is a white square
an open book with pink and blue paper on it's cover, next to a piece of writing
an open book with drawings on it
an open book with flowers and plants on the pages, including a bird in a flower pot
ⱼₐₙₐ ₘₐᵣᵢₑ
Techno, Risograph, Graphic Design Fun, Risograph Poster
an open book sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pair of scissors
two notebooks with writing on them sitting next to each other
an open book with yellow pages and pictures on the front, back and side cover
The Mimetic Rocks Map
The Mimetic Rocks Map - Fonts In Use
a poster with chairs and a table on it
Exploring “the tension between the mechanical and the handmade” with illustrator Carolyn Hawkins
there are many different papers on the ground
So You Want to Make a Zine — Carnage