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St. Berry

St. Berry

la girl strobing powder swatch 2

12 shades of pure glow! Tell us your favorite Strobe Lite shade in the comments below ✨

Librraaaa yeessss

SO FREAKING TRUE! Any time I try out for a solo in choir, I fidget. Any time I do something by myself in front of people, I shake. I honestly wish it would stop. It has cost me so many solos and opportunities.

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I say I can't flirt, but whenever I flirt people tell me I can. I read this and said, "well, I can flirt like a love God apparently. I can't flirt.

true.. no one knows i cry... but i  lock myself in a room and cry, and then i get serious breakdowns anywhere.. so imma of y'all

in the same group.>> ok apparently I have breakdown anywhere anytime and cry in a locked room and walk out like nothing happened. this is actually accurate