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Hannunvaakuna - Kalevala Koru - i wear this every day

Hannunvaakuna - Kalevala Koru Kalevala is the folk epic of Finland. Finnish was one of the biggest influences on Tolkien's Elvish. The stories are gorgeous, full of action but not as bloodthirsty as their Norse cousins.

Reconstructed from archeological finds: Iron-age costume from Eura, western Finland (worn by the President of Finland on Independence Day 2002).

Reconstructed from archaeological finds. The brooches at each shoulder seem to be Viking tortoise design as is the coin laden necklace, so I'm not sure how accurate this is for the Iron Age

Viipurin pitäjän naisen kansallispuku

Viipurin pitäjän naisen kansallispuku

Tuuterin naisen kansallispuku. Kuva © Helmi Vuorelma Oy

Old national dress/Tuuterin naisen kansallispuku.