Funny Moustache Mugs

Choco I should just make my own mustache board. Moustache Mugs Set of 3 Front and Back.that is six different 'staches.

Taika bowl 0,6 l.

Taika kulho 0,6 l, valkoinen

Kotikaupunki mug 0,3 l, Park

Iittala Kotikaupunki (hometown) mug, puisto (park). Special edition for World Design Capital

Taika bowl 0,6 l.

Taika kulho 0,6 l, musta

Taika mug 0,4 l.

Taika muki 0,4 l, musta

Practical pot for herbs

Hold herb pot - Herb/Flower Pots - Kitchenware - The most comprehensive selection of Finnish and Scandinavian design online. All in-stock items ships within 24 hours!

Satumetsä mug 0,4 l. Magical forest indeed!

Fairy forest - Satumetsä mug by Iittala. Illustration by Klaus Haapaniemi.

Taika bowl 2,8 l.

Taika kulho 2,8 l, valkoinen

Iittala Taika: The Iittala Taika serving bowl has a whimsical design that brings a little bit of magic to your table. The Taika collection combines well with other Iittala dinnerware.

How nice are these Revol France crinkle cups?

Gobelet Froiss� Blanc 18cl Revol, Tasse Cappuccino,, vente, achat, acheter

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