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some doughnuts are sitting in a wooden tray with the words sourdough brioche buns
Sourdough Brioche Buns
Sourdough Brioche Buns
1h 15m
a stack of tortillas sitting on top of a white napkin
Sourdough Tortillas
cinnamon rolls in a cast iron skillet with text overlay that reads, little spoon farm sourdough cinnamon rolls step by step instructions
Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls - Easy Overnight | Little Spoon Farm
a stack of chocolate cookies with white sprinkles on black background, ready to be eaten
Sourdough discard brownie cookie
some brownies are stacked on top of each other with the words, little spoon farm
Sourdough Brownies
a loaf of blueberry bread sitting on top of a table next to a spoon
Sourdough Blueberry Breakfast Cake - Lovely Little Kitchen
sourdough ciabatta bread on a cooling rack
Sourdough Ciabatta Bread
three chocolate cookies on a plate with twine
Sourdough Crinkle Cookies by Make It Dough
Light, airy with a rich chocolate flavor, these Sourdough Crinkles are quick and easy to make. Rolled in powdered sugar with a crackly top, these cookies are perfect for gift giving.
an image of some food that is on a wire rack with the words little spoon farm how to make sourdough pop tarts
Sourdough Pop Tarts
Homemade sourdough pop tarts are easy to make with sourdough pie crust dough. Fill with your favorite flavors like, strawberry, Nutella, raspberry or blueberry! A sweet glaze makes them even more delicious! You'll love this from scratch homemade pop tarts recipe using your sourdough discard!
Lemon Lavender Cookies with Sourdough Discard Ideas | Sweet Treat Recipes Inspo | Easy Dessert Finds
quick sourdough popovers with text overlay that reads quick sourdough popovers
Quick Sourdough Popovers Recipe [with discard]
Sourdough Popovers will become your family's favourite snack! Great for lunch boxes and can be eaten hot or cold with butter and jam.
several different types of doughnuts with blueberries on top and in the middle
35+ Sourdough Snacks [sweet + savory sourdough snack ideas]
three round bread buns on a cooling rack with the words sourdough brioche buns
Sourdough Brioche Buns Recipe