Wish I had been smarter than to begin associating with it....glad I'm not now.

Power Monday: Here Are Some Quotes For Y’All (Part 1)

"Drama does not just walk into your life. Either you create it, invite it, or associate with it." So very true. Loving my drama free life!

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Bullying Quotes

i am sick of all drama ppl atm...

Funny pictures about Meaning of Drama. Oh, and cool pics about Meaning of Drama. Also, Meaning of Drama.

Sums it up! Keep on avoiding the TRUTH, as if it never happened!

If you have been a victim of narcissistic abuse, NPD or abused by a sociopath/psychopath then you can find help here. Free yourself of the abuse with educating yourself and removing the toxic people from your life. Knowledge is power!

True story, not everyone needs to know your business.

how to start a little business, what would be a good small business to start, how to start a own business - Keep your personal life personal.people don't need to know ever tiny detail of your ridiculous life