Nelly Sivula

Nelly Sivula

Kotona viihtyvä ihmisten seurasta tykkäävä, iloinen perus pessimisti..
Nelly Sivula
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Premature Babies Beyond #preemie #premature #nicu

A Preemie baby will often end up with many health problems. See this checklist for what you can do to prevent a preterm infant.

Premature Babies Beyond #preemie #nicu #preemiemom

Not really the preemie part in our case. Just the need for long-term NICU care at all.

Free Printable :: You never know how strong you are… | Preemie Babies 101

Life After NICU: Free Printable :: You never know how strong you are. available in 15 colorways)

(2) Premature Babies & Beyond #preemie #nicu

There were days that people would say "wow you seem to be handling this well" then there were days I'd sit in the rocking chair unable to hold my baby and I would cry uncontrollably! Premature Babies & Beyond

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