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an old wooden box filled with different types of tools
Surgical instruments and trepanning set, 19th century, France
three glass bottles sitting on top of a red blanket
During the Victorian era, mourners sometimes collected their tears in gold decorated "tear bottles" to keep as a remembrance for the next of kin. It has also been said that the widows would go to the grave on the anniversary of the first year of death and sprinkle the tears on the grave to signify the end of the first year of mourning.
an old bottle and box are sitting on the shelf next to it's packaging
Laudanum~perhaps not the most permissible of medications in Victorian England. Laudanum was also known as Tincture of Opium, then legal, and was used to treat various ailments from headaches to bouts of coughing. Laudanum generally contained ten percent of powdered Opium. Makes you wonder how anything got done in the Era! (Information paraphrased from
belaquadros:    Victorian mourning necklace  (reconstructed) Jewellery Making, Bijoux, Antique Jewelry, Crown Jewels, Victorian Jewelry, Jewelry Necklaces, Jewelery, Vintage Jewelry
belaquadros: Victorian mourning necklace (reconstructed)
a hand holding a small silver vase with grapes on it
Tear Vial: A true Victorian tear vial in the shape of an urn, made from mother-of-pearl with a brass frame. Has a cork stopper to hold in the mourner's tears.
Victorian artificial arm form the 1800s Steampunk, Inventions, Metal Art, Metal Gear, Dieselpunk, Robot, Cyber, Apocalypse
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Victorian artificial arm form the 1800s
two antique keys are laying on a piece of paper
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Verdigris Patina Brass Victorian Key
three old books stacked on top of each other
key holes and keys on the spines of old books...very interesting...
an old door with a keyhole on it and another image of the same door handle
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victorian home interior detail | Mr. Kate | design inspo: authentic victorian house
a heart shaped lock with a key attached to it on a silver chain next to a keyhole
SALE Antique Charm Victorian Heart Lock and Key 1800s | Etsy
Antique 1800s Tiny Victorian Heart Padlock and Key
a black and white drawing of a man's face with the moon above it
the soul of hope
Moon Face from an 1800s children's magazine. public domain graphic
an image of a human heart with a trumpet in it's mouth and the words michael
Gloriously weird remixed Victorian woodcuts
Gloriously weird remixed Victorian woodcuts - Boing Boing
an elephant wearing a suit and standing in front of a building
Old Victorian Portraits With Animal Heads10