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Apple Cider Fireball jello shots #Fireball #recipe

Apple Cider Fireball jello shots: 1 cup of water 2 cups of Apple Cider (non-alcoholic is our preferred option) to 1 cup of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey cup of Sour Apple Schnapps 2 envelopes, or of Knox Gelatin (each envelope is about

Fireball Jello Shot Cupcakes...OMG I want these SO bad @Victoria Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Nuanes! 21st bday?? :)

Fireball Jello Shot Cupcakes Makes 30 Jello Shots * 1 and cup ginger ale * 2 envelopes plain gelatin * cup Fireball Whisky * A few drops of red food coloring * Any brand of Buttercream frosting (Optional)

30 Quick Dinners With No Meat

double bean burgers w/ avocado basil cream MY FEEDBACK: really different from what we normally eat, but good! The bean burgers were quite crumbly, especially when reheated for leftovers. The avocado basil cream made the dish though!