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DIY: crocheted crown
This flirty look, reminiscent of vintage Hollywood, is sure to make you the center of attention. Cherry-red lips paired with bold jet-black eyeliner: simply glamorous!
Beauty waits for no man’s rules, so here are 50 to break!
DIY: mini macrame eggshell planters
Zipper bracelets
Pick a page in a book, find a sentence you like, mark out the rest, and frame it
Great excercise for studying Da Vinci and perspective.  Draw a Suspension Bridge, Tacoma Narrows
DIY Knockoff Ilana Kohn Crop Tee. Photo Top: Ilana Kohn Crop Tee. Remember when I posted this Ilana Kohn Crop Tee as DIY inspiration here? Photo Bottom: Clones & Clowns. Beyond Easy Tutorial for Front Knotted Crop Top from Clones & Clowns here.