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twelve snowmen are depicted in the center of this paper plate collage with words written on it
Iedereen maakt een eigen sneeuwbol en mag zelf bepalen wat er in staat. Eigen ingeving is goed voor de middenbouw.
four pictures of peacocks with different colors and patterns on them, one is blue and the other is yellow
Развитие, обучение детей - Neposed.net. Запись со стены.
Развитие, обучение детей - Neposed.net | ВКонтакте
three different types of sea animals on top of each other, one is orange and the other is red
Bricolage feuilles
a wall with pictures of different animals on it
...had to take some pix before I take the show down...
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two paintings with trees on them sitting next to each other
In the Art Room: Collaged and Printed Landscapes
an abstract painting with blue and white colors on black paper, depicting rain falling down
four different paintings of trees and houses in the fall colors, each painted with acrylic paint
mini masterpieces of art for kids