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Вдохновляющая 3D-типографика

Serial Cut was commissioned by Serviceplan Munich to create a series of 3 visuals for Ferrero.

Hand-drawn type translated to 3-D sculpture on exhibit. Javier Mariscal Retrospective

Got the chance to see this at at the beginning of my first year! Fun Hand-drawn type translated to sculpture on exhibit.

Image result for 3 d typography

Image result for 3 d typography

DARK SIDE Monochrome sport drives menswear / Sports explored from a dark, unconventional angle / A move on from sports luxe / Futuristic, high-end view / Mysterious feel / 3-D effects / Androgynous luxury / Heavy dose of black with touches of white / Scattered letters and halftone overlays are key / Urban, edgy look

A range of approaches and materials used in order to form type. Font sizes vary with the main feature being the large letters which are scattered over the entire poster, even with certain areas clipped off the edge.