ALVAR AALTO, ALVAR AALTO, AFFISCH.. - modern + contemporary , Helsingfors F160 – Bukowskis

ALVAR AALTO, ALVAR AALTO, AFFISCH.. - modern + contemporary , Helsingfors F160 – Bukowskis

Stool 60 - Alvar Aalto - ARTEK

Stool 60 produced by Artek - Alvar Aalto

I think people are lying when they say this whatever cart is beautyful. Just because AA designed it  doesn't mean its nice

Aalto tarjoiluvaunu 900, valkoinen

Artek Alvar Aalto - Tea Cart 900 Designed by Alvar Aalto and introduced at the Paris World Fair in wheel in this beautiful tea trolley and delight your guests with this breathtaking piece of furniture. Curved birch frame, cane b.

Aalto tuoli 69, musta

Aalto tuoli 69, musta

Aalto chair designed in is one of Alvar Aalto's favourite dining chairs. Also in the chair 69 he used the L-leg structure, which made it possible to attach the legs of the dining chair directly to the seat.

Aalto's Savoy Vase Sketches

The Most Powerful Visualization Tool – Part 3: Rendering

Aalto ritiläpenkki 153A, koivu

Aalto ritiläpenkki 153A, koivu

Artek Alvar Aalto - Bench These solid birch benches were designed by Alvar Aalto in They are available in two sizes to easily fit in an entryway, create patio seating in a backyard or act as a casual living room table.

Aalto p�yt� 86

Aalto pöytä 86

Artek tables are based on different combinations of Alvar Aalto’s L-leg and table tops. Alvar Aalto introduced the bent L-leg for the first time in 1933 and it became a standard component of Aalto’s pieces of furniture.

Aalto bench 153B, birch

Aalto ritiläpenkki 153B, koivu

ARMCHAIR 401  Designer: Alvar Aalto   Year: 1933

Seat with zig-zag springs, PU foam, Back with PU foam.

Aalto tuoli 66, maalattu musta

Aalto tuoli 66, maalattu musta

The Chair 66 is one of Aalto's designs. Alvar Aalto one of the founders of Artek, was born in Kuortane, Finland. Alvar Aalto is recognized today as


Alvar Aalto, Finland, Stools, Benches, Wade Saddles, Step Stools

Alvar Aalto 60 Jakkara

The Stool 60 turns 80 this year. To celebrate that, Artek has made an anniversary edition.