Modern Tradition Architecture

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two people are standing in the middle of a building with high ceilings and wooden slats
ShowCase: Herta and Paul Amir Building, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Herta and Paul Amir Building at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art by Preston Scott Cohen, Inc. (Photographer: Amit Geron)
an outdoor living area with seating and trees
a woman walking down a walkway next to a water feature in a park at dusk
Shengyang Vanke Emerald Mansion by Chuangyi Shance
a large building with trees and lights on the side of it at night in front of a cloudy sky
an aerial view of a large building with a roof on top and lights at the entrance
two wooden doors are open on the outside of a building with brick and wood sidings
Gallery of White Pagoda Temple Hutong Courtyard Renovation / B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio - 22
an aerial view of the roof of a building at night with lights on and windows lit up
Gallery of Xiangyuxiangyuan Home Stay / The Design Institute of Landscape and Architecture China Academy of Art - 7