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#Mythological Creature - The Harpy by GuthrieArtwork

HARPY [noun] Greek mythology: winged spirits best known for constantly stealing food from Phineas. The literal meaning of the word seems to be “that which snatches” as it comes from the ancient.

"Someone recently told me 'Megan thats because you are a bitter old Harpy who holds on to things.'  Damn right."

peripheral-visions: Tattoos I’ll never get but want adding this to my ever growing pile of plague mask references. I swear i’m going to get a plague mask tattoo one day. I just need to figure out how.

IRIS: Höhere Wesen - von Menschenhänden umfasst --> hat etwas seh berohliches

Wild Dog: Absolutely stunning work by illustrator Corinne Reid. Available to us mortals as both a print and a shirt. Reid points out that the image is inspired by the story Wild Dog from the book Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio by Pu Songling.