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All you need to know about travel in the East African island of Zanzibar.

Planning to travel to Zanzibar, Africa? Whether you're off on an African honeymoon or coming from a Kilimanjaro trek one thing is for certain - Zanzibar

What to see in Zanzibar, Africa

What to see in Zanzibar, Africa. Zanzibar is a quiet beautiful country, and here is a post about what not to miss.


I say, hear and feel this heart of mine was made to travel this world. I can't help but want to go everywhere and do everything. I never want to stay in the same place, I always want to be somewhere new. Hopefully, one day I will get to see the world

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Be the friend?) I sit on the edge of the train tracks, swinging my legs with a sigh. A few tears stream down my face. My boyfriend just broke up with me." I hear a voice, and I turn to look. It's my best friend, and he looks worried.

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