social studies: help kids understand difference between city, state, country...

"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

help kids understand diff between city, state, country. ** great project to help kids understand their place in this world.

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Season Tree Project

Season Tree Project The changing of the seasons are a great activity theme for a classroom, group or home crafting session. Need fantastic tips and hints on arts and crafts?

Bird hama perler by fruelmer

QUILL this when tiny birds are needed in a special quilling project.nstagram photo by (Christina Elmer Balleby)

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Here's an idea for creating a food chain on a ribbon. IArrows show flow of energy. Use with Apologia Zoology, Apologia Flying Creatures, Apologia Swimming Creatures, Apologia Land Animals for homeschool science

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Gross Motor Development: Preschool Fun gross motor activity to get the wiggles out, while learning about the life cycle of a butterfly! Spring, Bugs, and movement activities.