Baking soda & cornstarch dough ornaments / UKKONOOA

Baking soda and cornstarch dough 1 cup baking soda cup cornstarch cups water Always looking for better dough recipes

DIY #angrybirds outdoor game

outdoor game ANGRYBIRDS ADD UP! Not sure how the person intended this game to be but my thoughts are to have 2 players, each take a turn to knock over the pigs, add up the pigs knocked over. Minus the slingshot for the littlies

Pahvilinna DIY recycled cardboard castle

UKKONOOA: Pahvilinna DIY recycled cardboard castle milk carton and toilet paper rolls

How to make 3D stars. Made from paper...gorgeous!

How to Make a paper lucky star ? If you love origami you'll love this project. Exquisite little paper stars can be used for decorations, jewelery, craft