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Spinosaurus vs Giganotosaurus Carolinii

Spinosaurus vs Giganotosaurus Carolinii - this is highly inaccurate. Spinosaurus lived in Africa and Giganotosaurus lived in South America. Also, Giganotosaurus did not have strong enough teeth to crush a skull like this.

Phew, glad to have this one out the way. I spent a bit more time on this one compared to my others, about six hours in total. I decided to make Charizard less...fat, but still retaining that classi...

I was issued the pokemon type challenge.and it near enough killed me. all 17 types! its a big file, but you still cant pick out all of the details, so if i can direct you to my .

Pokemon: Mega Charizard Y by LindseyWArt

Here is my newest Pokemon art I promised, and it's Mega Charizard Y! Pokemon: Mega Charizard Y