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arabeske-art: “The Knight wears the colors of his beloved Lady for good luck. A beautiful blonde lady knight. Request for sapphiresoftarth, one of the winners of the giveaway.

Learning how to color block is a great way to use fashion to flatter your figure and highlight your assets. These style tips show how to color block.

Elizabeth and James 'Klein' Colorblock Stretch Knit Dress. Contoured color blocking cuts a flattering figure in this sophisticated and streamlined dress finished with an alluring thigh-high slit.

Norwold (Landfall, Oceansend, maybe Alpha), Soderfjord Jarldoms (''N'ern. Reaches'), Vestland (''N'ern. Reaches'), Helskir (Isle of Dawn), 'Thyatia' (Thyatis), pos'ly. Minrothad, or even Ierendi regions...  ['sailor]

Commission for the lovely Wacom Intuos Pen&Touch, Photoshop CC.

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Señal de la mariposa del ganchillo patrón GRATIS More

Love to crochet and read books? Why not make yourself pretty crochet bookmarks in cute designs. Here is the crochet butterfly bookmark with free pattern.