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some cookie cutters and cookies on a table
three snowmen with hats and scarves on their heads
Homemade Polymer clay for Christmas decorations
Wee Snowmen by HUMBLEBEA
a small figurine wearing a santa hat and holding a candy cane on a white background
Santa Mouse
Santa Mouse | This wee mouse's hat is just too big for him! | Kirsten Miller | Flickr
Snowmen made of polymer clay miniature how to make them
five tiny snowmen are in the palm of someone's hand
Christmas is around the corner! Follow For More DIY Cute Clay Tutorials
how to make macaroni and cheese macaroni shells
the instructions to make marshmallow magnets with colored paper and scissors are shown
DIY Magneter som ser ut som marshmallows - HUNGRY HEART
the instructions for making waffles with icing and other things to make them look like
the instructions for making donuts with icing and sprinkles are shown
several red and white beads are arranged on a table
many different colored mushrooms on a white surface