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children sitting on the floor playing with their toys
Programmering med sopsamlarmonsterna
Min blogg om allt mellan himmel och jord: Programmering med sopsamlarmonsterna
a tray with various items on it and a toy truck in the middle one is green
a poster with the words allemansratten sa funkar den on it
"All mans right"/"Freedom to roam". Read about it in Wikipedia.
It's both rights and forbids. Read it so you can enjoy more of Sweden without problems. Go to the Link !
an image of sorting and sorting items with the words sortra skipp on it
Miljö – Bamse
a certificate for an allemansratt pass
Vi vill bli fler som inte skräpar ner
an advertisement for the event with cartoon characters
four trash cans labeled with different types of garbage
Illustration med sex soptunnor med olika fraktioner; plast, metall, glas, pant, papper och "se upp".
Take care of Earth coloring page