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Nina Donner
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The Everyday Landscapes Of Venice By Claudia Corrent –

Italian photographer Claudia Corrent’s ‘Insulae’ series documents everyday life on the islands of Venice.

Palma på Mallorca blir bara mer och mer populärt bland svenskar. Inte så konstigt med tanke på vad som finns att frossa i. Jag hittade tre nya smultronställen när jag var där senast.

Mallorca – tre härliga smultronsällen i Palma

Take time to make your soul happy

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.tapping into that part of you will nourish all other aspects of your life. Take the time. Revel in that time. And remember that time when not able to take that time ;D

Tips to Travel With Pets

We partnered up with Marriott to help you get all of the pet travel tips and tricks in one place with this handy pet travel 101 infographic. Fido and Mittens will definitely be happy you read this.

Travel Safely with Your Pet

You won't want to plan a trip with your best, furry buddy without reading this. Excellent info for novice and expert alike. Thanks so much to The Humane Society for this important information.

Pet regulations for over 240 countries

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