Peach Bellinis - 1 c frozen peaches, 1/4 c peach schnapps, 1 1/2 T sugar, 1 c ice, 1 c champagne or prosecco

Peach Bellinis - 1 cup frozen peaches cup peach schnapps 1 T sugar 1 cup ice 1 cup champagne or prosecco

Mojitos: Servings: makes 1 mojito Ingredients: 10-15 small fresh mint leaves, plus a sprig for garnish 1 lime, sliced into thin rounds 1 lime, juiced (2 tbs) simple sugar syrup 2 oz. (4 tbs) light rum ice, cubes 3 oz. (6 Tbs) club soda for full ingredients and how to make


Mojitos: small fresh mint leaves, plus a sprig for garnish 1 lime, sliced into thin rounds 1 lime, juiced (approx. or 2 tablespoons of juice) 1 oz. tablespoons) light rum ice, cubes or crushed

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

Elderflower Champagne Cocktail via Zested Ingredients: Dry champagne St Germain Thinly sliced cucumber Mint Directions: Fill a tumbler with ice. Fill of the glass with dry champagne. Add thinly sliced cucumber and fresh mint. Top off with St Germain.

Brazilian "Lemonade". if you have never had this, you are missing out! I like mine with just a little bit of salt 1/2 tsp mixed in or around the rim of the cup especially if your using lime

For the Love of Food: Brazilian "Lemonade" (I would use less or no sugar because 1 cup is outrageous when being combined with sweetened condensed milk! Keep in mind that we should only be ingesting about of sugar/day, IF that!

blood orange margaritas

Blood Orange Margarita . . . Pitchers!

Natural drink recipes to help you get amazing skin

Weird Drinks for Amazing Skin

Natural drink recipes for amazing skin: Turmeric Cinnamon Milk Kale Lemondade Get Gorgeous Tea Parsley juice Aloe Vera juice Ginger Cucumber juice.

Blood Orange Mimosas

Blood Orange Mimosas + A Giveaway

Great for a winter brunch! Add DeKuyper Blood Orange Liqueur for extra flavor. Blood Orange Mimosas by Spoon Fork Bacon. These simple and delicious blood orange mimosas make the perfect winter brunch beverage!

Sparkling Apple Sangria

Sparkling Apple Sangria: Riesling, Red Apple, Green Apple, Champagne- Brilliant, well I have a Thanksgiving cocktail. This looks yummy!


Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash

Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash: Easy cocktail recipe for stylish entertaining. Great for a girls night or any fall get together!

A twist on a regular mimosa, this Amaretto Mimosa has Champagne, orange juice, and Amaretto in it. You'll never want a regular mimosa again!

The Perfect Champagne Cocktail

Amaretto Mimosa : Add chilled Amaretto and (no pulp) orange juice to flute; top with chilled champagne. Garnish with orange slice.

Cucumber Mint Limeade

Cucumber Mint Limeade is probably the best thing ever, especially if you have ginger powder, mix in there and its the perfect combination of spicy, sour, and refreshing.

These champagne cocktails will keep New Year's Eve interesting

All The Champagne Cocktails You'll Ever Need

Boreal Ridge: This pretty cocktail uses lemongrass syrup and vanilla for a drink that smells as nice as it tastes.All The Champagne Cocktails You'll Ever Need.

Blood orange champagne cocktail

Blood Orange Champagne Sparkler

Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail cup crème de cassis (black-currant liqueur) 1 cups strained fresh blood orange juice (from about 6 oranges) 1 bottle chilled brut Champagne or dry sparkling wine 8 blood orange slices (optional)