Assignment idea for teaching prepositions. Give kids an object (Lego piece or toy) and they have to go around and take photos of them in, behind, in front of etc different objects.

Prepositions: Vocabulary for Beginning Readers

Basic vocabulary, like knowing prepositions, is necessary for beginning readers. Teach prepositions with this simple game. - would be super cute in Strip Designer app Supplies A plastic Cup Either action figure or doll.

FlashCards for telling time...requires a download of a different PDF reader other than Adobe

Time Flashcards Stop drawing the time and start teaching it! This set of flashcards includes an analog picture of time for every 15 minutes.

Opittuja kirjaimia, alkukirjaimen mukaan etsitään esim. lehdistä.

MAke board then each week that we start a new letter have kids pick pictures out of a variety. each child pin up a picture that goes with the letter sound. Coyne's Crazy Fun Preschool Classroom: language activity or use as a word wall

'F' is for Finland with this next alphabetical countries worksheet from KidsPressMagazine! #geography #EuropeanCountries #Finland

Finland Culture Map

Illustration of Fun colorful sketch collection of Finland icons, countries alphabet vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

Opettele uudella tavalla euroopan valtiot ja niiden sijainnit. UPEA!!

Start studying European Map Quiz Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Alkuäänneharjoitus Tehtäväkori äidinkieleen

Alkuäänneharjoitus Tehtäväkori äidinkieleen

Open ideat: Sanaluokat (verbit ja substantiivit)

Open ideat: Sanaluokat (verbit ja substantiivit)