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the instructions for how to make an origami dragon - like string art project
Projet de la saint-valentin - surprise pour couples - Idées créatives de bijoux
Résumé: La saint-valentin sera à arriver, qu’est-ce que je doit prépare pour mon chéri? Je pense que des bijoux pour couples sont parfaits....
crocheted rainbows and balls of yarn laid out on a wooden table top
Pin on Summer
six keychains with different designs and colors on them, all in the same shape
Nyckelring av knytsnöre – Paracord Buddy Keychain | Craft & Creativity – Pyssel & DIY
Nyckelring av knytsnöre – Paracord Buddy Keychain | Craft & Creativity – Pyssel & DIY
three pink and white key chains with tassels
A Step by Step DIY Macrame Keychain Tutorial
three boxes are sitting on a fur rug and decorated with decorative items like pinwheels
DIY God’s Eyes
Remember those simple little diamond shaped yarn weavings we all made at summer camp with just two popsicle sticks and a some colorful yarn? Who knew that god's eyes, which originated from Mexico's Huichol Indians, can be so beautifully complex, incredibly dramatic, and so wonderfully
💕Simple but beauful diy bracelet!
some paper plates with different designs on them and the words instagramn above them
two tassels on a table next to scissors and other crafting supplies,
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four different colored dolls are arranged in a circle on the floor with one holding onto a string
three different types of braiding on a wooden surface
mens jewelry brands, silver rosary necklace, quotes about bracelet
an image of yarn wrapped around a stick
How To Make Macrame Hangers -
Yarn Covered Hangers - How To. It's not like I'll ever get to this, but it's a cute idea
the steps to make a knotted rope wall hanging
Macra-make a Gorgeous Macrame Wall Hanging