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a woman's thigh with two hearts and the words i love you in cursive
Custom Tattoo Design by Freelance Tattoo Designers | Fiverr
the back of a woman's shoulder with an intricate tattoo design on her left side
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a drawing of flowers and butterflies on a white background
Butterfly hibiscus
a pencil drawing of flowers and swirls on the back of a cell phone screen
Tattoo ideas for men, most popular and awesome designs
a woman's shoulder with a butterfly tattoo on it and flowers around the arm
an anchor with a rope and flowers on it
I dig how it says family on the anchor - maybe replace that with my family name "Royse" and lose the flower. Great tat idea
a woman's foot with a tattoo on it
No butterfly
a woman's arm with flowers on it
This is such a pretty flower tattoo design!
an artistic design with hearts and swirls on a white background stock photo - image
I would change it up a bit but I think it would be great 2 represent Eternal Love 4 1's that are with you in life & in spirit !♡!
a drawing of a flower with a butterfly on it's back and an old paper background
Lilly flower with butterfly tattoo design by gettattoo on DeviantArt
Lily butterfly
a drawing of flowers and butterflies on a piece of paper with ink drawn in it
Cute flower and butterfly tattoo
a flower and butterfly tattoo design on the side of a white background with pink flowers