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a cartoon drawing of two people in front of an open door, one is looking at another
Muumittajan Muumi-blogi: huhtikuu 2013
a drawing of a boy sitting in front of a tree with roses growing on it
Кто утешит малютку Кнютта?
"Toffle" from "Who Will Comfort Toffle?" by Tove Jansson, 1960. The story of lonely Toffle who leaves his home to look for friends, eventually finding the Miffle and rescuing her from The Groke.
a black and white drawing of a christmas tree with cats on it's top
midnight - anthem: 画像
midnight anthem : 画像
an old black and white drawing of a man looking at the planets
Muminmarathon - Trollkarlens hatt
Tove Jansson - Moomin Trolls - Trollkarlens Hatt
a drawing of a man sitting under a tree next to a fire hydrant in the woods
Moomins Cook Book
Moomins Cook Book
a cartoon drawing of a man looking into a telescope at the stars in the sky
Muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti - Tove Jansson
an old black and white drawing of two people in the woods with bats flying over them
Tove Jansson fra Finland er mest kendt for sine fortællinger om Mumitroldene.
a black and white drawing of people in the woods
Tove Jansson
an ink drawing of a lighthouse on top of a rock in the ocean with icebergs
Tove Jansson, The Exploits of Moominpappa, 1952
a drawing of two bears in the woods with snow falling on them and one bear looking at another bear
#WOMENSART (@womensart1) / X
Illustration from the book 'Moominland Midwinter' (1957) by Finnish author and artist Tove Jansson
an old black and white drawing of a cartoon character flying through the air with a broom
Oh, I say!
Moomintroll getting tea from the flooded moomin house. I always found this so sad, because the moomin house is so gorgeous...
a drawing of an ocean scene with fish and other things in the water, as well as
card【ムーミン】10の話のポストカード 人の手で1枚ずつプレスし印刷する「手引き印刷機」を使用。版画のようにかすれ具合が1点1点表情の違った味わいのあるやや大きめのポストカードです。絵を見ながらそのシーンを想像できるように、パッケージには、挿絵に合わせたスウェーデン語の文章を抜粋し、裏面にはその日本語訳を付けています。 定型外サイズ(12×17.7cm)大判のポストカードは質感とモノクロカラーの雰囲気によって大人が楽しめるポストカードになっています。コレクションはもちろんのこと、季節のご挨拶、お祝い、メッセージにと幅広くご利用ください。壁に貼ったり、フレームにいれても素敵です。 [素材]紙 [サイズ]ポストカードサイズ:12.6×17.7cm(定形外サイズ) パッケージサイズ:15.5×20.6×0.7cm [原産国]日本
an ink drawing of a person riding a horse in the woods with trees and rocks
original ilustration for kometjakten. 1946 MoMA | Century of the Child