Misty winter creek in Finland • photo: Kari Liimatainen on My Modern Met

Beautiful Winter Scenes (15 photos)

Blue Snow, Finland photo via barbara.I love the light that causes blue snow here in the Midwest too!


Architect Visit: Four-Cornered Villa by Avanto Architects : Remodelista wood stove fireplace living room


A Helsinki Cottage Serves as an Urban Getaway

#Finnish national anthem. (Oh our land, Suomi, our birthland. That golden word is ringing. No valley nor hill, no water nor shore that would be more dear, than this northern homeland. Precious land of our fathers.)

The first poem and eventual Finnish national anthem, Maamme, of which Mu isamaa, mu õnn ja rõõm is an adaptation. Illustrated by Albert Edelfelt.


The Best Of The "Meanwhile, In..." Meme

Forecasters originally predicted one to three feet of snow, but downgraded those numbers to 10 to 20 inches overnight.


Finland, summer cottage This shoreline scene reminds me of my own family camp.Aiti loved the site with its birch tree because it reminded her of Finland!


is from Finland and he's a pretty well-regarded composer here and, well, everywhere.

Poster for 2012 Finnish-American Folk Festival, Naselle, Washington, by Debbie Littlefield.

Debbie Littlefield created the artwork for the 2012 Finnish-American Folk Festival, which happens every other year in Naselle, Wash.