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Oh my (insert 14 expletives here) God! I don't even have a coherent thought looking at this picture of Tom Hardy.

“The thing about Tom Hardy is he’s more brilliant than he is hot. It’s crazy. He’s actually a better actor than he is hot—and he is hot!” - Jessica Chastain, Tom’s co-star in The Wettest County in the.

hahahaha....she can have FDR!....more Tommy for me!

This is great I've always said that about This Means War & now I find this, it's great! She made a HUGE mistake but the good thing was Tuck aka Tom Hardy ended up back with his family anyway!

my favorite line... From my favorite movie... And my favorite actor... Fucking legit.

Tom Hardy in Inception - You Musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling! ♥ Already have this quote pinned, but love it in pink. I want it printed to put on my bedroom wall, my favorite quote.

Tom Hardy - this guy can play any character and keep you on the edge of your seat

Bald and, oh, still so hot! Ohhhhhhhhhh, I just ADORE him this big. Luscious lipped man that he is ~kohco