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Ninni Järvinen
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It's over!

"The minute you feel the need to fight for love, you've already lost it. Walk away. It's over." - Anita Krizzan - used to believe that every real love involved fighting to keep it alive. Now that I've found real love, I can't imagine ever needing to.

be espontaneus

Take a risk. Be spontaneous. The suffering that might come from a mistake is usually less intense and less enduring than the suffering of "What if?

I wonder..

Quote: I hope someday you'll find an old picture of me and you'll wonder if i still love strawberry milkshakes more than life itself or if i still request a pinky promise upon agreement and maybe you'll even wonder if i wonder about you.

strong women quotes - Google Search

the funny thing about a strong woman is that she doesn't need you, she wants you. and if you start slacking shell be content without you, just like a woman

One of life's toughest lessons.

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