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Kuvis ja askartelu 3 -

Kuvis ja askartelu 3 -

Impressionist Mosaics | Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne inspires original mosaic artwork ...

Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne inspires original mosaic artwork as you explore Paris, France.

Snoopy! .... Mosiac :) now I have figured out what is going to be the mosaic on my $1 table!!!

Art supplement for Peanuts licensees of spot graphics and repeat patterns inspired by the tile work of Barcelona.

Bottle Caps - Imgur

Chicago artist Mary Ellen Croteau has found a way to recycle a non-recyclable item, and turning what would end up in the trash into a true masterpiece. Mary carefully assembles the colored caps side by side and sometimes nests one cap inside another.

400_F_20183688_SxYyfQXy7F32A0r6cZsltqwsZ8xgtGNC.jpg 399×400 pikseliä

Different Winter Sport Silhouettes Vector Different Winter Sport Silhouettes Vector