Westie tulee taloon. ❤️

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a painting of a white dog on a yellow background
Hey There!
a drawing of a white dog with its mouth open and tongue out, looking at the camera
a white dog wearing a brown knitted hat sitting on top of a cushion in front of a dark background
a small white dog sitting in a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows
two small white dogs wearing sweaters sitting on a bed next to eachother
three white dogs standing next to each other in front of a black shirt that says, nothing but westies
@shelleygentry look at this ladies boards.... She has a westies board!!!!
three small white dogs are running in the dirt with their tails up and feet down
a happy birthday card with a white dog running on the beach next to a ball
"West Highland White Terrier Dog \"Happy Birthday\" Card (6\" x 4\") with Envelope - Blank inside for your own message. Perfect for any dog lover"